Professional Experience

From her professional work as an educational researcher at Harvard University, Eileen brings an in-depth understanding of teaching and learning. In her research, she has delved deeply into studying how students learn and how schools can create learning environments that foster creative and critical thinking. Her professional insights will be extremely valuable in helping the Superintendent and School Committee shape the educational vision and priorities for our school system.

  • Doctorate in Education – Harvard Graduate School of Education
    Ed.D. Human Development (Cognitive Psychology), 1996
    Ed.M. Interactive Technology in Education, 1984
  • Educational Researcher – Harvard University
    conducted multiple educational research projects
    at Project Zero with Howard Gardner & David Perkins
  • Published books & journal articles
    Co-author of The Thinking Classroom on creating cultures of thinking in schools
    Published journal articles and chapters on creativity and thinking skills
  • Areas of Research
    creative and critical thinking, school cultures, creativity, teaching of thinking, science education, technology in education