Eileen’s Background

In 2016, Eileen was elected to the Lexington School Committee and has served as Chair of the School Committee from March 2018 to June 2020, and Vice-Chair from June 2020 to the present. She has played an active role in many of the recent accomplishments of the committee, including the hiring of our new superintendent; developing and drafting the LPS Strategic Plan which outlines our core values, mission statement, and vision; working on a diversity, equity and inclusion curriculum for LPS; revising the homework and other policies, successfully constructing multiple school building projects, and supporting student well-being and mental health.

Eileen Jay has devoted herself to improving education. She has professional experience in education as an educational researcher at Harvard University. She earned a doctor’s degree in education (Ed.D.) from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and has published books and journal articles in the field. Her research delved deeply into studying how students learn and how schools can create learning environments that foster creative and critical thinking.

Eileen is the parent of two children who attended Lexington schools from elementary through high school. For nearly 20 years, Eileen became actively involved with the schools because of her interest in education. She was an active volunteer at every level and gained a deep knowledge of the school system and school issues. She served on site-based school councils and was appointed to numerous school-related, town-wide committees.

Eileen is a town meeting member in Precinct 4.