Reelect Eileen Jay for School Committee

By Kim McCormick

The Lexington School Committee election is on March 7. As many of you know this is a volunteer position that requires hours and hours of very detailed study and research plus hours and hours of meetings and deep discussions with community members and school leaders about sometimes difficult topics with many perspectives to consider. This position requires an open mind and the duty is to the educational experience of students. 

Eileen Jay was the first School Committee member that I met upon moving here 6 years ago. I was immediately impressed with her passion for supporting students and educators. Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with Eileen in a number of different volunteer opportunities including the years when she was the School Committee representative for Lexington Education Foundation. As we worked together I observed that Eileen is a patient listener, seeks common ground, and truly has the interests of human beings as students and educators at heart. 

Eileen shows up in our community for special events, for recognitions, for small group meetings, for students, for educators, and for families. She’s always available to listen and learn and shares facts in a deliberate and clear manner. Eileen’s leadership has helped get us through the pandemic and I look forward to the innovative and inspiring things she and the committee seek to support in the coming years.

I am voting for and fully support Eileen Jay for the Lexington Public School Committee.

Please vote in this election and show your appreciation and support for this important town position.

Kim McCormick, Maple Street