Eileen Jay for School Committee

by Weidong Wang

I am writing to support Eileen Jay for her re-election campaign to the School Committee. I have known her for many years, and I have always been impressed by her.

I first got to know Eileen when she joined CAAL. As a 2nd generation Chinese American, she brought to us new perspectives. When she decided to run six years ago, we were all thrilled. I had the pleasure to work for her campaign.

Ever since she joined the School Committee, she has been working hard and tirelessly. She was re-elected 3 years ago for her second term. During her six-year tenure, she served as the Chair for two years and another two years as the Vice Chair. She is also very much into the DEI initiatives, strategic planning, and new policies.

During the pandemic time, the School Committee had a very tough job. Eileen worked along with the other committee members to put the student’s well-being first and helped guide the school district in this unprecedented time.

Her experience with the school district and the challenge for the school is obvious when you talk to her. In this difficult time, it is more than ever that we need someone with experience and a proven track record to help our school district to move to the next chapter.

Eileen cares deeply about the students and the staff. She would spend time listening to the community, talking to parents to understand their needs, and encouraging students. She often offers to meet or chat online with whoever wants to talk.

Experience, Leadership, Empathy, these are what Eileen brings for the School Committee and to the whole Lexington community. Please join me in supporting Eileen and vote for her on Monday, March 7.

Weidong Wang, Reed Street