Eileen Jay Has the Experience

by Anil Ahuja

Eileen Jay has the experience we need to help lead our schools given her experience as a School Committee member for the past 6 years. She has proven capabilities, knowledge, and brings stability which is something we desperately need. LPS is developing a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) curriculum and Eileen is on the DEI Community Input Team to work on this curriculum.  Eileen worked on LPS Strategic Plan that developed the district’s mission, vision, and core values. She cares about students’ social, emotional, and mental health and has a long track record of working on student stress and mental health. 

Eileen’s experience will be crucial in planning for a new/renovated high school. During her time on the School Committee, she has been involved with oversight of the construction process for two new schools – Hastings Elementary School and Lexington Children’s Place (LCP) preschool. She knows all phases of the construction process from feasibility studies to design and final construction. She has worked on the fiscal planning for school projects and already has the knowledge to effectively collaborate with school and municipal leaders on financial planning for the high school.

I strongly support Eileen Jay and encourage you to vote for her to the Lexington School Committee.

Anil Ahuja, Leonard Road, TMM Precinct 5