Eileen Jay uniquely qualified

by Bill Hurley

Eileen Jay is a highly educated member of the Lexington School Committee, having been chair and vice chair during her tenure. She is committed to the intellectual, social and emotional development of all students as evidenced by her leadership in these positions. I witnessed these when I was chair of the committee a few years ago.

Also, Eileen is an active listener who encourages different perspectives and options of colleagues and the community before she casts a vote. She is a life long learner experienced in education research and effective teaching and learning. Her focus is to support the development of skills and interests of all Lexington students.

As a superintendent of schools for 14 years, including one year as interim superintendent of LPS after my retirement, I appreciate the importance of a highly functioning school committee. We live at a time when the nature of traditional schooling, as we knew it, is quite different for today’s students, staff and parents. Eileen is uniquely qualified to address today’s challenges for governing policies. I encourage you to visit her website at jayforschoolcommittee.com to learn more about why I believe she is deserving of one of your votes for Lexington School Committee.

— Bill Hurley, Young Street